7 Sure Fire Reasons People Are Moving to Woodbury, MN

Justin Culley
Published on June 4, 2016

7 Sure Fire Reasons People Are Moving to Woodbury, MN


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Minnesota?……..but it’s so cold there!…….isn’t it?

If you are as interested in population growth as I am (wink-wink), you may have noticed that Woodbury is one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota. People are moving to Woodbury, MN in droves! In fact, it is Minnesota’s ninth largest city and people are largely moving to Woodbury, MN because of the wonderful quality of life it has to offer. But chances are you do not follow demographics trends that much, and, in fact, you are probably asking yourself, “Why are people really moving to Woodbury? It is soooo cold there!” There are several different reasons why people are moving to Woodbury, MN and in this blog post, I will talk briefly about what I feel are the Top 7 Reasons people are flocking to this wonderfully awesome city! If you just can’t wait to check out all the houses for sale and even MORE reason why people are moving to Woodbury, MN then head on over to my Woodbury community page HERE!

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So….why are so many people REALLY moving to Woodbury, MN?

1. Superior Education

One of the first and most obvious reasons people are moving to Woodbury, MN is the unbelievable education system! The schools in Woodbury have a very high reputation among all cities in Minnesota. The high school diploma attainment rate is 96% while 56 percent of those go ahead and get a bachelor’s degree. The city is served by three independent public schools districts; the South Wasmoving to woodbury mnhington County School District, the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale district and the Stillwater Area Schools. The city also has a few private school like Peace of Mind Early Education and it also hosts the Math and Science Academy, charter schools, and the Woodbury Leadership Academy. In total, Woodbury has about 14 public schools, four private schools, and two post-secondary schools. Access to education is essential to any city, but the quality of education is also equally important. Woodbury boasts a student/teacher ratio of 17:1. Students in these schools averaged 81% in test scores when the state of Minnesota averaged 62% while the national average is 68%. This shows you the quality of education in the city of Woodbury. The schools here have about one librarian serving 505 students and one counselor to 806 children. The national average is 803 and 513 respectively. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

2. Awesome Amenities

One of my favorite things about the idea of moving to Woodbury, MN is the convenience! When moving to Woodbury, you will have access to approximately 5 grocery stores (with more coming), 40+ restaurants (more coming), shops and stores everywmoving to woodbury mnhere you look (with more coming), coffee shops on every corner (you guessed it….more coming), some of the best parks in Minnesota, libraries for those who enjoy a good book, and eight or more fitness centers. No matter your ‘cup of tea’, there is something here for everyone. Its no wonder everyone is moving to Woodbury, MN. The abundance of lakes, open fields, wetlands, woodlands, and waterways are also drawing many different people to this city. The trails and open space are very popular with the residents and why wouldn’t they be? This is Minnesota! The park and recreational system in Woodbury, in particular, is one to be rivaled. The system boosts of 3,081 acres of city-owned property, 40 neighborhood parks, five community parks, 63 athletic fields, 48 court facilities, 38 play structures, 132 miles of trails, five major open space sites, and more than 25 miscellaneous park buildings. A community survey was conducted in 2015, and the results shed light on why many people are moving to Woodbury, MN….A whopping 90 percent of the households were of the opinion that the existing recreational facilities and parks were excellent or good with the other 10% rating the facilities as fair. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

3. Makes You Feel Warm & Fuzzy Inside

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Safety is a very important consideration when exploring options for cities to live in, right? Nobody wants to live in an insecure neighborhood where they don’t feel safe at night. If you’re considering moving to Woodbury, MN then you’ll love these crime statistics! Well, LOVE might be a strong word. When put to the scale of 1 to 100, the violent crime (robbery, murder, and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, and aggravated assault) in Woodbury, Minnesota is 35. In comparison, the national average is 41.4. Property crime (Larceny-theft, burglary, arson and motor vehicle theft) on the other hand is four on a scale of 1-10 while the national average is 4.35. Property crime is where you lose money or property without any force or threat to the victim. The crime rate in the city of Woodbury is 38% lower than the national average. Woodbury is said to be safer than 73% of all the cities in the United States. What’s more? The crime rate has reduced by approximately 15% year over year. Five crimes occur daily in Woodbury for every 100,000 people. Moving to Woodbury, MN gives you a 1 in 55 chance of experiencing any crime. It is a safe place to live and work, and many people have noticed that and are moving to woodbury every day. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

4. Great Strategic Locationmoving to woodbury mn

I am definitely a man of “convenience”. If you were to ask me, I’d say my number one reason for moving to Woodbury, MN is the convenient location. Woodbury is located at a crossroads of three major interstates; 94, 494, and 694. The city is also just a few minutes away from St. Paul International Airport & Minneapolis. The city is just 15 minutes from downtown St. Paul and also about 25 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.  The seven interchanges, which are very convenient, gives the residents direct access to the entire interstate system. This makes Woodbury ideal for transportation for different businesses and also efficient shipping options. The area’s strategic location also allows you to enjoy the amenities and facilities of the entire Twin Cities metro in addition to what the city of Woodbury has to offer. Moving to Woodbury, MN also gives you a quick and easy access to the entire metro area. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best strategic locations in the entire Twin Cities area. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

5. Small Business & Employment Opportunities

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place with an unemployment rate of just 3%? Home to many Fortune 500 companies, Woodbury offers you an abundance of employment opportunities. The city is also pretty good for business too! Its proximity to St. Paul International Airport and Minneapolis make it easy and convenient for entrepreneurs to run their small businesses. The city appreciates the business community which is evidenced by their economic development and strategic small business plan. A main focus of Woodbury is to promote the retention of business. How do they plan to do this? By identifying the needs and challenges of the businesses situated in Woodbury and by also addressing them. The city’s leadership is willing to meet with business owners individually and help them to address their specific challenges. All of this makes the city of Woodbury an excellent place to start a business or seek employment due to all the jobs created. No wonder Woodbury boasts such a high median household income of about $94,506 against a state average of $59,126 and a national average of $53,046. The income per capita at Woodbury is $42,050 while the national income per capita is $28,051. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

6. Wonderful Communitiesmoving to woodbury mn

Woodbury also appeals to many since it is a beautifully planned city. The Planning Division of the City is tasked with conducting long-range planning for future growth in Woodbury. The division also helps the Planning Commission to review, zone and design site of the current development projects. The planned communities are very accessible offering good traffic flow. Master planned communities also offer different amenities close to your homes and are, hence, very convenient to its residents. The planned communities in Woodbury are connected to the city’s trail system which makes them very scenic and an absolute must in the Summer. All of this contributes to an unbeatable quality of life.  Woodbury has over 20+ planned communities. Some of these include Ashton Ridge, Autumn Ridge, Compass Pointe, Conifer Bay (Dancing Waters 12th), Highland Knoll Phase 1, Pioneer Point Villas, Prelude of Woodbury Senior Living, Stonemill Farms, Turnberry, and Woodhaven. You have very many options to choose from to suit your needs and lifestyle. Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

7. Superb Quality of Life

One of the greatest things about moving to Woodbury, MN is the excellent quality of life you’ll experience! Woodbury gives you a great opportunity to build your career or business and earn a good income at the same time. Woodbury has many major employers such as Globe University, Dean Foods, Allina, EcoWater Systems, Assurant, Summit Orthopedics, and Target. Residents can explore the numerous cultural and recreational amenities of the Twin Cities area while visiting all the museums, zoos, galleries and nature conservatories around the Twin Cities metro. Residents are proud of their neighborhoods and are active in local neighborhood groups, and also civic organizations which include the Lions Club, the Woodbury Community Foundation, the Rotary Club, and local athletic associations. The city is also home to Woodwinds Health Campus, which provides a full-service acute care hospital. Woodbury presents you an opportunity to live, work, play and thrive. In fact, a 2013 Community Survey in the city found out that 97 percent of the residents surveyed rated the quality of life as “Good” or “Excellent.” Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?


(That’s actually my beautiful wife and daughter. How lucky can one guy get!)

(Bonus Reason #8)……….Woodbury is an Excellent Place to Raise a Family!

Woodbury is, without a doubt, a great place to raise your family. Many residents often cite this as the most important reason why they love this city so much. About 80% of the Woodbury residents buy their home instead of renting. This is because they are in it for the long haul. The low crime rate means that your children and family will be safe. Your kids will have a quality education at the reputable Woodbury schools, and there is a 90% chance that they will get a high school diploma. With many recreational activities, your family has different options to pick when you are planning on going out and having fun with them. Even during the cold seasons, which makes most look down on this fantastic city, you have different options for indoor recreation. The Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department, for example, offers the Ice Skating Institute of America’s (ISI) Learn to Skate Program. The program offers skating lessons at the Bielenberg Sports Center, with sessions even during Winter. No matter what you flavor is, Woodbury has something to offer for everyone; regardless of the season! Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN yet?

Moving to Woodbury, MN…..

When you are looking for a new place to move and raise a family, there are many so things to consider. The quality of life obviously ranks very high and you want to live in a place that you can have fun without having to worry about your security. You also want to have access to different shops and restaurants in an area where your social life will thrive! At the same time, wether you’re a small business owner or a barista at Starbuck’s, it’s great to live in a city that will support your professional career too. Wether you already have a growing family, or you are looking to start one, your child’s development will also play a pivotal role in your decision making. Woodbury offers you all this…and more! And although the weather can get a little chilly sometimes, you definitely won’t regret living in this growing suburb. And that, my friends, is why so many people are moving to Woodbury, MN right now. Not to mention, it is also a fabulous place to live, work, play and also grow as a person! Feel like moving to Woodbury, MN now!?

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7 Sure Fire Reasons People Are Moving to Woodbury, MN
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